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Jan. 2024

"Breaking Silence" Out Now!

Now you can order "Breaking Silence" on this website, and receive it at home

(France only. For foreigners, contact us here).

It's also available for listening on

Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, Tidal.

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Sept. 2023
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New 'Videos' Section (on the website)
First Single 'The Grave' out now!

Karmaah's music video for 'The Grave' from the first EP, Breaking Silence.
Mixed and Mastered by Fonkytaff
Video made by Remi Marinier


Karmaah's first EP ‘Breaking Silence’ is coming October 13th, 2023.

It's Karmaah!

Born from the ashes of our band ANTINEA That weaned in the 90’s, KARMAAH sees the light of day in 2021 with a musical identity rich and mature in order to offer a neo metal rich in influences. Accompanied by meticulous production thats gives KARMAAH its full dimension. That it be on its Ep “Breaking Silence” as well as on stage. It’s Karmaah

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